The Perfect Office Holiday Party

The perfect holiday party!

It’s that time of the year again for parties!  The thought of planning a party can excite you or stress you. It’s difficult to come up with ideas to please everyone. Even if you have tried an escape room experience before, every visit to our escape room gives you the ability to try a new theme that provides a unique and exciting experience!

Employees can switch it up and try a different theme. If escape rooms are new to your company work parties – expect them to look back on their holiday party with happy memories of a unique experience like none other! 

What better gift for your team than escaping reality into an escape room?

The adult daily grind can cause us to forget how to enjoy and unwind for a while. Give your office staff a chance to forget about the tasks you piled up on them by immersing them into an adventurous mystery for this years office Christmas party! 

Escape rooms are the perfect environment for a diversity of personalities to enjoy time together.  No one person is responsible for the outcome and everyone gets involved, creating light-hearted office chats and lasting memories.

How will your employees benefit from an

escape room experience?

An Escape Room is more than what meets the eye. In addition to just plain fun:

Promotes healthy competition

Competition can forge a stronger bond between people when promoted in a light, fun atmosphere. At Escape Room Mystery we have four unique themes, so you can break your group into smaller teams to “compete” and see who escapes their scenario the fastest.

With groups as small as four players, you can team up per department or mix departments for those who don’t know each other as well. The goal is to see who can beat their escape room in under 60 minutes- similar to a game show where everyone is the star. You can even spice it up a bit by adding a reward for the winners.

office work party competition meme
work christmas party egyptian tomb

“Out of the box” entertainment

The theme of each room creates an atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re immersed in the actual scenario from floor to ceiling. You can be someone trapped in an Egyptian tomb (ie. Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones) and challenged by an ancient spirit or maybe enter an Area 51 hangar to see if aliens really have landed!

It will require teamwork, observation and solving prowess to make it out within the time limit. It’s the perfect holiday work party venue to release your Sherlock alter ego!

Stimulate your creativity

It’s one thing to passively watch adventure movies- however, it’s another thing altogether to actually unlock the mysteries in real life!

From floor to ceiling the ambiance will give you Hollywood chills and surprises, while the time limit gives you the rush. Your team’s creativity and problem solving skills come out in unique ways to beat our challenging scenarios!

office holiday party 60 minutes
work christmas party routine

The puzzles reveal hidden potentials

One of the main highlights in booking an escape room is your chance to see how your co- workers deal with pressure and fun at the same time. You may be surprised at the participation of even your most quiet colleagues. Other members can show hidden communication and leadership skills. A perfect break from routine.

Doing something new once in a while can give a new perspective. Escape rooms have a similar impact as traveling. You are transported into a new world. It gives you a certain kind of anticipation along with the satisfaction of having seen and accomplished something new.

Solving puzzles can reveal how well you can coordinate with each other. If you have problems at work it may be evident in how well you do inside an escape room. If you’re lucky you might identify a solution to communication problems at work during the activity- all under the guise of a fun and interactive holiday party.

If you have a well-coordinated team it will be amplified in the Escape Room. It might give your team some time for reflection at a later time.

Why Escape Room Mystery?

In and around King of Prussia and Cherry Hill, there are many escape room choices, and when you blindly book off of a website, you are trusting that the escape room you chose is a holiday office party venue you will be proud to take your employees to.  Often you will arrive to find an escape room in a facility that is difficult to find or feels a little “back alley.”

At Escape Room Mystery we have spent top dollar on professional, attractive facilities, including comfortable, beautiful lobbies and even free parking that can accommodate large groups. Customers are constantly complimenting us on the atmosphere. Browse the rave reviews here.

Our themes and challenges weren’t “pumped out” quickly by some big organization far removed from the customer.  All of our themes are produced in house by Brian and Noel Keen, who have spent countless hours perfecting the game play and theming to appeal to any level of players.  As a small business, we are constantly developing ways for our customers to have the best experience possible.

We hear over and over again that we’re the best escape room which experienced players have tried in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas!  Escape room veterans with 100+ games under their belt say we have the best escape rooms they’ve played and they return to play all of our themes so that they don’t miss out.  Want to see what all the fuss is about?

Your choices for ultimate holiday adventures

Each of our facilities has four themes to choose from at a time.  Each typically accommodates 10 people (And sometimes a few more if you want to experience a theme together.) That’s room for 40 players in each session across the full facility! Our lobby can accommodate around 80 people where you can comfortably cater to half of your group while waiting for others to complete their escape room experience. Or we have had large groups shuttle from off site.  There are many possibilities to create the best experience for a large group!

Our King of Prussia, Pennsylvania escape rooms include:

Our Cherry Hill, New Jersey escape rooms include:

Immerse your team in our themed rooms this coming holiday season. Whether you are a beginner or already a pro, you won’t be disappointed. Each game has a dedicated Game Master ready to provide your team its own fantastic experience.

Still feeling stressed about finalizing your plans?

Browse our website to see true pictures from our escape rooms and how well-done they are; many escape rooms are showing only stock photos, but we want you to know what you are actually getting.

Schedule a quick tour so that you can feel confident your team is treated to an exceptional experience.  

Call us! We are always happy to receive a call to give you more information or even book over the phone!  We can place courtesy holds on the time you need for a few days so that you can confirm the details and make sure no one else gets the time you need.  


We aim to do whatever we can to take away your stress and help this be your best holiday office party yet!


Contact us and be sure to book your holiday work party soon!

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