About Escape Room Mystery

Escape Room Mystery offers one of the most unique forms of family entertainment in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Our attraction challenges friends, families, and coworkers with deceptive puzzles to be solved in order to escape. Regardless of whether or not you make it out in time, you won’t be able to stop talking about your escape room experience!
Feel the thrill and enjoy the mystery of an escape room game, the best room escape games

Mission Statement

We are a high-end escape room providing customers with a uniquely immersive experience from ordering tickets to walking out the door. We are a great escape room mind games in King of Prussia

Winner Montco Happening Escape Room Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Cherry Hill
Best Group Outing Winner 2910
Montco Happening
Best Escape Room Greater Philadelphia Area
Best Family Destination Winner 2018
Finalist Montco Happening Escape Room Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Cherry Hill
Best Amusement Finalist 2018
Montco Happening
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King of Prussia, PA
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Frequently Asked Questions
What ages can participate?

Our best escape rooms are great fun for little Timmy to Grandma.  If you like spending time with other people and solving puzzles, the mind games then you are the perfect age for our adventures.

We have found that children 7 and under have a great time exploring the unique items in the room.  At age 8 children start to notice things more readily that are relevant to the adventure. Children about 10 years old can solve most puzzles by themselves.  Believe it or not, 13-year olds function very close to the adults. (Rooms are not baby-proof.)

Your group will have a dedicated game master.  They typically don’t go in the room but will if you request them to.  If you have a younger group or just want more help just let our game masters know.  They are glad to help to any level you want and ready to make the experience more enjoyable.

What time should I arrive?

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to sign in and go over a few rules. If  you arrive late for your booking time, you may lose some game time. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 610-757-1053.

Is my purchase secure?

Yes! All purchasess through our site and booking pages are secure.

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is an immersive, themed game where players actually are in the game itself.  A goal for the room is given & players work together to solve the problem before time is up!  One hour is given to try and beat the room.  It’s much like being the characters in a movie or reality show. There’s no script for players, but the game is the same for each group that tries their hand at it.  Escape Room Mystery has four uniquely themed adventures for their escape rooms.

How do I choose which escape room to go to?

With escape rooms popping up everywhere, it is hard to know which will be a good value and not disappoint your group.  ESCAPE ROOM MYSTERY has exceeded expectations for tens of thousands of players since opening in June of 2016!

Over and over we hear from seasoned escape room players that ESCAPE ROOM MYSTERY is the best they have played – and our reviews reflect it!

We went all out to wow and thrill our customers in every way. Our beautiful building is fun, trendy and professional.  Professional artists were hired to theme and create immersive settings.  The bells and whistles were created by an engineer with over 20 years experience.  Our fantastic puzzles have been tested and proven to be challenging, but not impossible, and even if you don’t beat them, the trying is a blast!

Where does the escape room idea come from?

Conceived from “escape the room” video game apps, enthusiasts in Asia came up with the idea to try out this popular gaming genre in real life. Spreading like wildfire in Asia and Europe starting around 2006, ongoing escape rooms began popping up in larger US cities around 2012.

Why choose Escape Room Mystery?

A team of professional artists has themed each of our adventures to make you feel that you have truly left your ordinary life. The adventures are crafted to give you great puzzle experiences with additional “wows” coming from light and sound effects connected to your actions. This gives our adventures the feeling that you are actually in an electronic game.

How do I play?

You must explore and study your surroundings, uncover clues, and solve devious puzzles as a group in order to earn your freedom- all within an hour!  We’ve created unique environments in which we lock you and other adventurers in a room full of puzzles and challenges, with your wits, teamwork and brainpower to help you.  There is no need to force anything or break anything, but you do need to be curious.

Am I really locked in?

Yes, strong magnetic locks controlled by keypads do keep you locked in the adventure for one hour or until you solve puzzles to find the keypad code. There is an additional button next to the door that will allow people to leave for restroom breaks or other issues. The most fun is had when everyone stays in for the full hour and works together to solve the puzzles.

Will I know everyone in my game room?

Yes! Our escape room adventures our private to your group!

Is there a dress code?

We do not have a dress code for participation in an adventure. Wear what is comfortable for you.

Can I do an adventure more than once?

Absolutely you can! Didn’t like how far you got in the adventure?  Let our game masters know not to tell you the rest and you can return and try again.  We will periodically change adventures, sign up for our email list to hear the news first.

What about parking?

Parking at our facility is absolutely free!

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