3 Benefits to Team Building Activities

How do your employees, managers and partners interact with each other? How do they solve problems? Is information sharing natural and genuine? These things can be challenging to read when everyone is “on.” But what about when the pressure is high and you’re tight to the wire?

One of the best ways to identify how your group will interact and communicate when things get tough is with team building activities. Built to encourage communication, collaboration, and cooperation, an Escape Room Mystery team building activity is a litmus test for interaction in the workplace.

Our team building experts put together a list of three benefits to team building activities at Escape Room Mystery:

Total Immersion Experience With Full Team Involvement

Effective team building creates an atmosphere of cooperation and communication. Many standard team building activities fall short of this goal by only engaging one or two members. Escape Room Mystery creates a total immersion experience for the whole team, requiring the group to work together and communicate effectively to escape. The fun atmosphere creates excitement keeping each member thoroughly engaged.

Role Identification During Their Adventure

In successful groups, each group member will explicitly or implicitly adopts a role. This can provides insight and discussion into the role each member takes on and how to leverage that within the workplace.

Improved Relationships

Relationships are built on shared experiences. It is necessary to step out of a work environment to view team members from a new perspective. Inside of Escape Room Mystery, successful groups move toward a common goal – escaping. This shared experience and shared purpose forges new and deeper relationships that are built on problem solving and communication, pillars of organizational success.

Escape Room Mystery King of Prussia and Escape Room Mystery Cherry Hill offer team building activities for corporations, teams, groups, and businesses of all sizes. Our team building experts will challenge you to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate in order to successfully escape! Click here to learn more about team building in King of Prussia and Cherry Hill!

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