Escape Room Fails – 5 Tips for Success!

We all want to succeed, win, and when playing an escape room… escape! Here is a list of some common slip-ups a group might make.

Use Your Clues!

Right along with wanting to succeed and win, we also want to be independent! Groups will often forget (or ignore) the ability to ask our game masters for clues! If you’re an escape room vet and are looking to set your next personal best, you might not want any clue at all. But if you’re on a family outing in King of Prussia, you just want to have fun! Don’t be afraid to ask for clues – our game masters are there to help!

Communication Fail

Even the best groups sometimes never escape. This is often due to a lack of communication! Picture this: Leanne and Alexandra finish a puzzle and move another portion – but Billy is unaware. Now Billy is focused on something that is going to waste his and the groups precious time that they have to escape. The ability to communicate in an escape room can make or break your group’s success.

The Know-It-All

Ugh. The know-it-all. Almost every friend group has one. This person will railroad group collaboration and overtake control – usually leading to failure! They do every puzzle. They shoot down any ideas from others. Before the game, agree as a group that everyone will take part in the escape room. Assign roles and duties that play to each other’s strengths.

Attention to Detail

Every escape room vet knows that nothing is accidental. Each instruction given at the beginning of the game, each piece of artwork, each puzzle. Everything is there for a reason and everything has a purpose. Don’t forget how important the details can be – a small nuance can lead to a quick success or a failed escape!

Let’s Talk About The Rules…

Our game masters will provide instructions and input prior to each game. They’ll also read some rules to your group. These are for the safety of the group, the staff, and the quality of room. Be sure to pay attention and be mindful of anything that may be on the fringe. While we want you to have fun, we also want you to be safe. Trust us – we’ll never make you scale a bookcase or climb up into the rafters. Safety first!

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