Escape Room Mystery in Mainline Today

When we first came to town, Mainline Today wrote an amazing piece on us!

Imagine being trapped inside a locked room, surrounded by an entombed mummy. Or traveling back in time to the 1700s, amid the American Revolution. Senses become overwhelmed by sounds and lighting. All the while, a clock ticks down from one hour, a constant reminder that remaining trapped is eminent. And the best—or worst part: it’s voluntary.

Escape Room Mystery is a new thrill-seeking adventure in King of Prussia, created by husband and wife team, Brian and Noel Keen, which will open June 17. During the experience, a group of up to eight individuals are locked in a room with a selected theme—the Egyptian Tomb, the Revolution, the Laboratory, or the Billionaire’s Den—and given one hour to solve riddles and clues in an attempt to figure out a code which will allow them to escape.

Check out the rest of the article, here!

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